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The S.H.A.M.E. Media Transparency Project takes the war against corporate trolls and media shills to a new and more effective level. Its goal is to expose corrupt media figures, document journalistic fraud and make life a little harder for covert propagandists who manipulate the public, degrade our democracy and help perpetuate oligarchy power.

S.H.A.M.E. was inspired by our readers and donors, who are tired of the rampant media fraud and deception, and want some way to fight back and reclaim our democracy.

The purpose of S.H.A.M.E. is not to merely document media crimes, nor simply to humiliate or call out hypocrisy. The project is about providing useful, fun and effective tools the public can use to protect itself from being manipulated by sophisticated public relations con-artistry.

Think of S.H.A.M.E. as a kind of roach trap for media shills and corporate lackeys.

Yasha Levine & Mark Ames

Founders of the S.H.A.M.E. Project


Yasha Levine is the former editor of The eXile and founding editor of The eXiled. His articles have appeared in WiredThe Nation, Slate, PenthouseTime magazine, The New York Observer and many others. He has made several guest appearances on MSNBC. Levine went undercover to report on America's housing meltdown, and has been arrested and detained covering political protests on two continents. Levine and eXiled co-editor Mark Ames first broke the connection between the Tea Party and the billionaire Koch brothers in February 2009, and was the first to uncover the origins of the Koch family’s wealth and its connection to Stalin and the Soviet Union.

Mark Ames is the founding editor of the eXile, a Moscow-based, English-language satirical newspaper forcibly relocated to the USA, where it survives as The eXiled. He is a frequent contributor to The Nation, frequent guest on MSNBC's The Dylan Ratigan Show, and the author of Going Postal: Rage. Murder, and Rebellion: From Reagan's Workplaces to Clinton's Columbine and Beyond (Soft Skull Press), which has been made into a BBC documentary. He is also the co-author, with Matt Taibbi, of the The eXile: Sex, Drugs and Libel in the New Russia (Grove Press).

Ethical Advisor-At-Large: Jan Frel



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